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Wedding Dress Trends For 2020

At this wedding fashion week, the air is filled with romantics, come and learn about wedding dress trends. It took us a week to immerse ourselves in the latest ideas from wedding designers, and 2020 will be a very stylish bride year.

Although we have seen some of the favorite styles over and over again, there will always be new products on the runway, and this season is not lacking. For couples who are romantic and romantic, it is not uncommon to have a bohemian crochet dress with a bohemian style or a refined romantic style. Those who pursue gorgeousness should be satisfied with the satin ball gown, echoing the sensibility of the old Hollywood era. If you like the fluffy sleeves of the previous season, the designers will use the exaggerated poet sleeves to increase the design of this style, which is the style of the Renaissance. Ready to enjoy the latest wedding trends? If you plan to get married in 2020, come and find out about the seven wedding trends you need to know.

1.One-piece shorts
The jumpsuit has a new friend, that is, the bride’s jumpsuit. We have already seen some brides adopt this trend as a dress after the party, we absolutely like it. Designers such as Floravere, Mira Zwillinger and Ines Di Santo took this bold move and showed shorts on the stage.

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