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Amazing Christmas Nail Art Design Ideas For 2019

Although Christmas was originally a sacred religious holiday, in the 19th century, with the popularity of Christmas cards and the appearance of Santa Claus, Christmas began to become popular. Christmas celebrations have become popular in Northern Europe, combined with Christmas decorations in the northern hemisphere winter. People put Christmas elements into their own dressing, and Christmas nails are the favorite of girls. Open the article to find this year’s Christmas nail art inspiration!

Of course, the Christmas manicure does not have to be the same as the red and green, and the nude color is also very popular! Very suitable for temperament little fairies! Nude color plus cartoon embossed decoration, although very gorgeous, but it does not feel cheesy. There is a feeling of warmth and warmth! The white manicure is really suitable for all kinds of graffiti! Christmas stockings are also essential and cute elements! How can a Christmas manicure be less a snowman! The white snowman is ideal for matching nail polish with darker colors such as red and green. A Christmas hat with white edging is warm and simple, sweet and cute.

The red, black and gold plaid, combined with the golden reindeer, is both foreign and cool! Pine green is also one of the representative colors of Christmas, very high-grade, and the skin color is whiter!


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