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40+ Nail Designs and Ideas for Purple Acrylic Nails

Solid color nails can be said to be the most minimalist nail style. The use of darker shades of purple can make solid color nails more simple and atmospheric. The key is that in addition to creating the temperament of the goddess, solid color can set off the skin whiter and more translucent. Purple is originally a brighter color, so even if you choose dark purple, it does not affect the brightness and charming style. Even a simple solid color manicure can create a fairy feeling.

As of purple, there are many different shades. If you use purple solid color nails matching with other colors, you can create a more unique nail style. The simple and fashionable style can not only create a cute and playful sweetness for the little fairies, but also create an elegant and invincible personality for the white-collar workers.

Purple nails can be cute and fresh, and be domineering and individual as well. There is must one can meet your needs. Let’s take a look!


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