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2020 Wedding Trend – Bridal Jumpsuit + Cloak

We like to see the latest wedding trends on the stage, because we know they usually last for a few quarters. The trend of bridal dress has a potential to become a classic. Just think about strapless dresses, deep v-neck dresses, mini skirts, blush dresses and jumpsuits. We like to see fashion designers use some unexpected things. Into the bride’s closet.

The rise of bridal jumpsuits is an epic feat, and wearing pants now doesn’t mean you can’t wear a cloak. Designers such as Gracy Accad, Oscar de la Renta and Sebastien Luke show off tailored, smooth-legged trousers, paired with modern bridal gowns and sometimes even lace, or exaggerated bows.

Ready to enjoy the latest wedding trends? If you plan to get married in 2020, come and find out about the connected series + cloak you need to know.

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